The trustea code, designed to evaluate the Environment, Safety and Livelihoods was launched formally on September 14th 2013. Sundarpur Tea Estate was among the six pilots selected to field test the code. The estate was the 2nd in India to achieve compliance within the 1st year and became the 1st Estate to be trustea verified in North-East India.

Our surrounding Eco-system is strictly protected by the management and necessary training is used to being imparted to the workers at regular intervals. Native tree species are planted to conserve biodiversity. Wild animals are protected from hunting and poaching. Water quality is tested periodically to assess if there is any contamination due to our operations.

Buffer zones have been created to avoid any pollution and contamination and banned agrochemicals are totally avoided from use. Overall, our environmental performance has improved.We use Bio-gas from cow dung which we get from the cattle of our Mahalaxmi Division.

Being Trustea verified, intensive trainings were conducted for employees on occupational health and safety measures.Workers have been encouraged to use personal protection equipment’s while undertaking their works. Regular health check-ups are undertaken. Emergency response systems are put in place. Workers’ children are provided with scholarships. The Estate has a fully equipped Garden Hospital and medical facilities are extended to the neighboring communities also. We use to encourage the socioeconomic welfare of the local community and provide support to the people at various needs.


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